Friday, August 6, 2010

Day 53: Hurry hurry up and wait wait wait.....

A good morning in Adelaide today. D & I went nextdoor to the cheap and cheerful for breakfast (did I tell you that he had arrived?) and then went riding on the free bus around Adelaide until 10 am which is when the spare part for Olga was supposed to arrive. Inevitably the courier was late but once the sightglass had arrived and been fitted we were quick to pack up and get on the road south out of Adelaide by about 1pm.

We had a good ride down to Kingston SE (why the SE I have still not quite worked out!) going past the famous Giant Lobster (or is it a crayfish?)

and booked into the local faded lady hotel for the night. It was all good - $35 each for our own room, a cheap but good dinner and several beers later and we were all done.

Off tomorrow to make the Great Ocean Road and start our run to the end.

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