Friday, August 6, 2010

Day 54: The great great great ocean road

Up early and packing up the bikes this morning. Were about to hit the road when one of the staff said, "Have you had your breakfast?" Turns out the breakfast was part of the package and it was actually B&B for our $35. We were very pleased. In fact I wanted to know if she was married. If not I thought we might stick around for a bit. Dick wanted to know if she had a boat as well but I think that was a bit much for her. Single and with a boat? No and no. We even asked for a picture of the boat.....

A great ride down from Kingston SE along the coast to Beachport - where we chickened out on riding along this huge jetty.

We crossed the border into Victoria....

then down to Portland and then onto the Great Ocean Road. And yes it was great but unfortunately also very wet and very slippery with leaf mould all over the road in the gorges. We stopped for lunch at a pub built in 1853 and had a great Guiness and Beef pie and then rode on through to Apollo Bay where we have stopped for the night.

A tricky road - you don't know whether to go slow for the view or fang for the road. In the end the weather decided for us and it was a slow and tippytoes trip through lots of the gorges and gullies. But a great ride anyway. And the sea views were at least as good as those in Welly.

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