Monday, April 26, 2010

The Chargers of the Lights Brigade!!

One thing that is absolutely cracking me up as I prepare for this trip is the number of battery chargers I am taking. At the last count I have:
  • 12v charger for the helmet bluetooth
  • 240v charger for the helmet bluetooth
  • 12v charger for the ipod
  • 12v charger for the GPS
  • 240v charger for the camera battery
  • 12v charger for the phone
  • 240v charger for the phone

Can someone please organise a universal charger so I could cut the number down to no more than two!!


  1. I've got one... it plugs into the car and has different pluggy bits you can change for the different sockets and switches to change the voltage. You need a car cigarette lighter for it though and it only has round plugs.

  2. Go to Dickie Smith and get what she has a muticharger