Thursday, April 29, 2010

Dep Day +/-0

Hey everybody. Arrived in Sydney this morning after a good flight tho slightly delayed. Real fast thru Sydney airport ... I must look honest. Picked up a rental car and went out to Port Botany where I eventually found the girls. They are both in great condition. Fast talked the customs people into letting me begin to unpack the bikes and set up again all the bits we had to take off. Had to borrow a jemmy and a hammer!! Went well with Helga but couldn't find the windscreen bolts for Dick's bike so could not really do much. Reconnected the battery on Helga and fired her up briefly. All good.
Killed a bit of time in Sydney before meeting up with Ruth who is kindly providing accommodation for Dick and I. Will pick up Dick tomorrow at the airport and go back out to Port Botany, hopefully to get the bikes released. Am pretty tired so I am off to bed.
Tomorrow in Sydney and then hopefully on Saturday off to Coffs Harbour. Or somewhere!!

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  1. Ah wish I could do with...all the best you guys Rhondda #7912