Sunday, April 25, 2010

Departure Day - -4

Last ride on the DR650 today with our annual ANZAC Day charity ride for Wellington Free Ambulance. A great ride with about 125 bikes turning up with lots of Ulyssians we haven't seen for a while and a range of others from WIMA to Kinsmen.

We have had advice from the removal company that the bikes have been cleared through agriculture and customs in Sydney. But apparently they are both still in their crates so any clearance must have happened without the crates being opened.

The plan now is that I fly over on Thursday morning, pick up a rental car and go over to the shipping agent. Hopefully I can get access to the bikes to uncrate them and put the windscreens and mirrors back on and batteries reconnected. Dick arrives on the redeye on Friday. We will get the bikes released and final packing ready for a start on Saturday morning. It's May Day but I hope that is not what we will be calling. A gentle ride on the first day I think - up to Coffs Harbour perhaps.

A few things still to sort out like insurance (!!) and whether or not they still have cash-lanes on NSW toll roads (apparently they don't any more in Queensland.)

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