Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Day 24: A gentle day

We decided on a quiet day today. We went from Kununurra up to Wyndam stopping on the way along a dirt road at Parry Creek Farm. Such a lovely spot we decided to camp there the night. Got booked in and then went on to Wyndam. Not much there except a great little museum. We tried the copshop for some info on the Gibb River Road but didnt get much so went back towards Parry Creek. But there were some great boab trees.....

On the way we stopped off at an amazing billabong full of birds. Lots of white egrets but also large nos of brown ducks and other birds - cranes, shags and so on. Just fantastic.
Set up camp back at Parry Creek and sat out on a ramp over their billabong being eaten by tine but vicious mossies. Had dinner at the restaurant (expensive - ouch) and then went off to bed. A lovely day....

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