Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Day 32: Perth for a break

Olga's tyre was holding this morning so we decded not to muck arund and head off to Perth but also to include a bit of "scenic" coast road near Coolimba. I put scenic in quote marks because it wasn't really what we would have called a scenic road. But we didn't have too many kms to do that day so we were in cruise mode and stopped for a break by the Indian Ocean.

Then it was basically just a pootle into Perth. Dick decided to ignore the instructions from the GPS and plotted our route into the hotel which he did very well. Unfortunately we overshot the hotel and wound up in a very fast moving one way section just beyond the hotel. Nothing for it - this is what R1200GS's are for - we rode back along the footpath and into the hotel where we parked up out the front. The people waiting at the bus stop didn't seem to mind very much.

The receptionist was distinctly snooty with us - perhaps were a bit too grubby and noisy for him. They had also cocked up the booking and had put us in a double room. He sniffingly checked us in and then told us that we couldn't possibly leave the bikes parked at the front of the hotel. That suited us just fine anyway so we parked around the back and hit him up for a trolley to get all our filthy and mud encrusted panniers into the lift and up to our room. He also organised a trolley bed so Dick and I wouldn't have to top 'n tail in a double bed.

Dick was heading off for three days in EnZud to do some business stuff so he was up and away at 6am leaving me to enjoy the delights of Perth - and to get his bike retyred and repaired.

So I'll pick up this blog on Thursday when he gets back and we hit the road south.

Cheers to everyone.

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