Friday, June 18, 2010

Day 23: On the road again!!

Well it's been a hectic week or two. Back in NZ for some work and then sitting huddling from the wind cold and rain. Then off to sunny Raro for a family wedding. A bit of a sprint back: Raro - Auckland-Welly-Sydney-Darwin. Phew. 4 time zone changes in 36 hours.
Found the bikes looking fine and perky at BMW Darwin. Helga had a faulty starter motor and it has been replaced (under warranty fortunately.) Olga had a stuffed battery which was also replaced - $350 ouch!
We didn't hang around in Darwin for long. There is the V8 Supercars there this weekend and the town was going mad. So we headed south to Adelaide River and checked in at a motel there for a beer and a meal. Then the huge sort-out as we repacked and reorganised.
Up early the next day and off for the full 720km run to Kununurra. Both bikes are running well so we sat on 130-140kph for the whole day. That does amazing things for your fuel consumption - not good things either. We really did nothing this day except ride and fill up with petrol. We stopped again in Pine Creek for breakfast and to see if the sour-faced waitress had improved her customer relations. (She hadn't.) and at Timber Creek for a bit of a break and some lunch. Then into Western Australia and put our times back two hours. This meant that we left at 7am, rode for 720 kms and arrived at 2.30pm. Only in Australia.
Booked into the YHA for the night and went out for a meal. The hostel is full of Korean young people working in the sandlewood plantatiuons and of course Korea was playing Argentina in the World Cup. It was great - tears and passion and screams. Then off to bed and crash - the time zones caught up. .
We plan to have a quiet day today - maybe go up to Wyndham and then hit the Gibb River Road tomorrow. We'll see how its goes.
Cheers all.

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