Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Day 29: Crocs, sand and hamburgers

A gentle start again to the day today with breakfast supplied by the hostel. We spent some time getting organised and then went down to the local McCafes for a latte and some free WiFi access. We went off at about 11am for a visit to a local Wildlife Park - I was a bit doubtful about this but it was great. Lots of crocs but also lots of other animals - including the most gorgeous dingos. I'll post some good photos when I can but for now .....

Now that is something I am glad we didn't meet on the Pentecost River. We then cruised on south for about 370kms to a beach caravan park called Eighty Mile Beach. A lovely beach although the campsite itself was a bit crappy. They had heaps of tent sites in sandy locations but for some reason put us in an area with a coarse pebbly ground. Not so easy on the tent floors. So we - as you do when faced with adversity - got the port bottle out and went and sat on the beach to watch the sun go down over the Indian Ocean. It was great. A beautiful white sandy beach with people walking, swimming, fishing and generally having a good time. And a beautiful sunset.

That night was camp hamburger night so we went for that - we still have some pasta we could have cooked up but couldn't be bothered. Hamburger night was obviously a major social event as lots of the campers brought chairs and stools (and wine) up to the reception area where the cooks were being kept busy. And the hamburgers themselves were not bad.

We went back to our tent site and were invited over the neighbours's site for a glass of wine and a chat. A really interesting couple from Sydney. She was a social worker and he was obviously a successful businessman. He and Dick had a lot of fun talking business and I had a lot of fun sitting quietly and drinking their shiraz. (Yeah right) They were both strong Labor (!!) and KRudd supporters so that was interesting; especially in view of what transpired later. They had also visited NZ but had only toured around Stewart Island. She (Sue) was a bird-nut and they tended to go places where she could do lots of birdwatching. They were interested to hear that we had stayed at Parry Creek and asked us a lot about the birds in the billabong there.

That was about it so we headed off to bed. A big ride tomorrow through Port Hedland and Karratha to Dampier.

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