Monday, May 24, 2010

Day 22: Flying to Welly

Greetings all
I'm back in Welly - as Alan Sciscia said - having a holiday from having a holiday. I'll be here until 17 June for some work and a wedding in the Cook Islands. Then we will be back to tackle the Darwin to Perth leg via the Gibb River Road. I'll pick up the blog then.

In the meantime I have gone back through some of the earlier posts and inserted some photos (including one of Helga having a swim.) One of the frustrations of using internet cafes is that they generally don't allow you to connect up to USB ports. They also shoot your proofreading skills all to hell because you can see your time running out as you type!

Cheers all
Ken (In Welly) and Helga (in Darwin)


  1. Great pics ken ... happy holidays holidays

  2. Good stuff Ken. I have a feeling for the heat and sweat from your tales of the back of Burke(?)