Friday, May 7, 2010

Day 7 - what a blast!!!!

Today we were up early at 7am and on the road out of Ingham. We had a good breakfast up the road at Cardwell and then headed up towards Cairns. At Gordonvale we turned left and went up the highway to Atherton. What a road. Rimutakas times four. A series of switchbacks through the escarpment climbing for metres onto the Atherton Tablelands. A Harley had us on at the beginning of the switchbacks but that was just a joke.

Nice lunch at Karunda and then back down the next set of esses (that's what they call them!!) to Port Douglas. Found a motel with a kiwi owner - just three months in Port Doug from Timaru. The husband was a technology teacher (Year 7&8) and they have come to PD for a bit of a change and a better climate.

Dick and i have just had a cone of prawns and a beer for $11 sitting on the jetty at PD. Now heading off to the Yacht Club for dinner.

Some highlights .... when two lanes become one here there are two signs ... "merge" and then "form one lane" Some clever clog has been out and added a "p" at the front and a "t" at the end of "lane" so it reads: "Merge ... form one planet." What a vandal.

Beware of cassowary signs!!!

Temperatures of 32 dropping to 21as you climb the escarpment and then back again as you do the same.

The computer at the motel can deal with photos so hopefully I can post some photos tomorrow.

Cheers everyone - send Shirl a nice message!!!!

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