Thursday, May 6, 2010

Day 6 and it's really hot

Hi all
The temperature today hit 34. Now that's warm. We packed up our tents at Bocasia and were on the road by 7am. We had another good night at the local bowling club with a beer or three so we were ready to get going.

Up to Mackay and then north on the Bruce Highway towards Townsville. Stopped somewhere for a big brekkie and then on to Townsville. Coming out of Townsville, Dick went one way and I went the other. Bugger. I had fluked it onto the right road so at the first shady opportunity I stopped and flew the NZ flag on a lamp post while I waited for Dick. We met up after a wee while (well I wee'ed anyway) and then onto to (think chickens) Ingham. We have booked into the Royal Hotel - a faded lady now relegated to backpackers and gamblers. But clean and comfortable and most of all - cheap!!!

We seem to be in Harley country up here. I have gradually become more and more assertive with my waving and getting a few wave-backs. The score today was 6/11!!! The amazing thing we saw to day was a "Beware of kangaroos" sign that ONLY HAD ONE bullet hole in it. Incredible.

A bit disappointing that Internet cafes don't always allow USB and cameras to be attached. And now i have found one that does ... I have left the camera back at the backpackers. Bugger. I wanted to put up our first photo of me wearing my red icebreaker and blue scarf with Helga and waiting for the call from Ruth. Next time perhaps. I am wearing my icebreaker all day everyday. At night I have been rinsing it out and hanging it out to drip and then putting it on damp in the morning. Lovely!! Also found that the tenting worked out ok. In typical Oz fashion they charged us $26 to put up a tent and then put us right next to a "Camping Prohibited" sign from the local council. Funny chaps these Aussies.

That's about it. We are on a roll, having a ball and covering huge distances each day.

Cheers to all.

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  1. Ai, 34's a bit warm on a bike Kennif. You better slow down but,..'cos with only 12,500odd Kms to go, you might get there (down south) before the roads have had time to get icy!! JM