Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Day 5 and its hot!!!!

Hi everybody.
It's Day 5 and we are finding that internet cafes are not as easy to find as we thought they might be. Nor is it easy to upload photos so I am afraid they will have to wait.

We have been on a steep learning curve so far. Just the highlights.
- Ruth set us off from 4 Liverpool Street with a well rehersed "Gentleman, start your engines.

- we were too ambitious with our daily travel. The onramp to the Harbour Bridge in Sydney was blocked off and we ended up travelling all over Sydney to get out!! THen we ran out of puff at Kempsey and paid $90 for a motel room. Went to the RSL for dinner which was good.

- On the next day we thought we would push on through to Mooloolooba (sp?) but there was no accommodation then under $160 so we pushed even further on to Burundi.

As we left back on the motorway Dick's gps decided to commit hurry curry by falling off at 90kmh. Flossie - RIP. Then Dick realised he had left his camera in the motel at Buderim so went back to get it while I pushed on to Gladstone. We are now in Mackay staying in our tents on the beach at Bocasia. Having a rest day today and trying to find a replacement gps.

That will probably do for now. The bikes are running well despite the very very very straight roads and the temperature at 30degrees.

Running out of time... cheers.

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  1. Safe travels mate - I';'ll be watching and jealous! Adrian