Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Day 11: The Grand Old Cape of York

Well here we are ... Day 11 and in Weipa on the west side of the York Peninsula. We left Cooktown yesterday after a gentle night (in bed by 8.30!!) and headed off to Lakeland and Laura. No dramas except for a roo which darted across in front of me from right to left. Fortunately i was riding at about 90km and just missed.

After Laura the gravel and ruts began. My god we think we have ruts!! These were huge. A good bit of road and then some some whoopdy-doos and hello bang crash ... my rh pannier box came of and went rolling down the road. I still don't quite know why but think that I must have not latched up the side clip - the one that stops the bags from flapping like wings. A few battle scars but at least the box didn't burst open. A hard ride then through to Coen where we stopped for the night in an (expensive) guesthouse.

Off early again this morning planning to go to Bramwell Junction. On advice of quarantine officers changed our minds and went to Weipa instead. I struggled a lot with the sandy patches in the road - Helga seemed to wander everywhere. Dick has more aggressive tyres and didn't seem to be having as much trouble (or perhaps is just the better rider) Stopped for breakfast at the Archer River Roadhouse and talked some more about roads. The biggest problem for us on the road to the tip (of Cape York that is) is that it is closed. You can get a special permit but we also heard that there were long deep patches of sand.

So we headed then for Weipa - great road here. Still gravel and dirt but easily sat on 80-90kph in 5th or 6th. A great ride into Weipa at about 2pm and into the caravan park. We have set up our tents down by the beach - NZ flag is flying but omg it's hot - up to 35.5 degrees C today.

Today Helga saw her first snake. And nearly ran over it. No crocs yet but we're hopeful.
Ken and Helga


  1. Maybe hot but sounds like fun. 'Take care out there'

  2. Well done Boys, good to see you doing it while you're young!

    Great Blog too, keep safe and have fun.