Monday, May 17, 2010

Day 15: Through to Burketown

Up very early again and on the road before 7 heading for Normanton. Lots and lots of wallabies on the edges of the road so we were in slow and high-alert mode. Arrived in Normaton for breakfast and then set off to find the gravel road to Burketown. Found the road ok and a sign saying "Road closed. Water over road in 37kms." OK we thought - lets go and have a look at this water and see how bad it is. Just up the road another road closed sign; this time right across the road. Obviously tho lots of cars had driven round it so we did the same. The road was back to loose gravel and clay but not too bad and when we came across the water over the road it was all of ankle deep. So on we went. (Note the two fishermen!!)

Then the road got really gnarly. Not too much sand thank goodness but lots of loose crap and some very challenging dry water crossings with huge ruts and sandy banks to climb. Dick claims to have pushed Helga up the bank but I think he was only puffing because he's unfit.

We were in real high spirits when we reached the end of the road and the "Road Closed" sign at the other end. We were also hot, smelly and knackered. We went to the campground and put up the tents and then headed for the pub. A very gentle night was enjoyed with the locals giving us a hard time but all good fun. Once again in bed early for an early start.

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  1. Road closed ... yeah right. The only way to get to 'burk' town. Sounds like youse going very well in trying conditions.