Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Day 18: Quite a lot of not very much at all.

Yes I am afraid we were up early again today and had quite some distance done before we considered stopping for breakfast. It was interesting to see how boring it was. Very flat, very monotonous and dead straight roads. We decided to settle at 120kph and found that much more comfortable and were not often overtaken. I set the gps for Katherine and it said "Continue on the Stuart Highway for 560 kilometres then turn right into Giles Sreet.

After about 200ks we stopped for breakfast at Bareeba. Another great set of poached eggs and yet another young European woman serving at the counter (as in a young woman from Europe!) we carried on to the north. It had been dripping on us just a little - just enough to keep the road wet but gradually it eased and the temperature came up from 19 degrees C to 25.

I didn't realise quite how relaxed the breakfast had made me till I suddenly realised I was doing 130kph on the wrong side of the road and heading for the scrub. I had completely nodded off - the first time i can ever remember doing that in all my time of riding motorbikes. Thank goodness for brown underpants. After giving myself a stern talking to, we carried on and arrived in Katherine at about 2.30. A quick hunt around for a cheap motel and here we are. Went up to Repco and bought a new headlight bulb for Helga and fitted it so we now have all the lights working properly - even if the airhorn still only makes a miserable croaking fart.

Going off to sort our airfares now. Cheers all.
Ken and Helga


  1. Holy cow Ken, thats taking 'dozey old bugger' literally ;)

    Rhondda #7912

  2. Frank, I believe it was angels.

  3. Angels - defineitely angels...