Monday, May 17, 2010

Day 14: Carry On to Croydon

Hi all,
We struck our first crappy accommodation in all our trip so far at the Palmer River Roadhouse. We were housed in "dongas" which are like a canvas tunnel house. Our one was pretty crappy with a zip-up door that didn't and scruffy tatty mattresses. (which were actually quite comfortable. Apparently they call them dongas cos when you step up on the porch you donga your head on the cross beam. First I donga my head and took a nasty chunk out of the scalp. Then I donga my head again which led Dick to make some very unkind non-PC comments about slow learners and learning from ones' mistakes. Then he donga his head so that was all ok [Thanks Mum - actually I can manage these things on my own now.]

Anyway a surprisingly good dinner of fish and chips and salad and a nice port on the donga porch and we were in bed by 9pm!!

Up before 6 the next morning and headed to Georgetown. Nothing much there so when we arrived at 2.30pm we decided to carry on to Croydon. Found a lovely pub with a kiwi couple from Chch (who recognised Dick but not me) and into another donga - a really nice one this time. Also met up with Garth and Edgar - Kiwis who are doing the lap on BMW R1150RTs. A father and son combination. Garth is a pediatrican from Nelson and Edgar (73yo) is the publican at Chertsy in Canterbury. We had a very pleasant kiwi evening with another nice meal and a great swim before dinner.

All good.

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