Sunday, July 4, 2010

Day 35: Perth to Margaret River

Lovely morning in Perth this morning. Dick due to arrive at 8.25 after a few hours sleep in Melbourne so I packed up as best I could and went out to meet him at the BMW centre which was on the way to the airport. Another battle with Perth rush hour traffic but after one wrong turn it was all good. Arrived at BMW to find Dick already there - his plane was early so we settled up his account (ouch ouch ouch!!!) and went back to the hotel where we packed the bikes, paid MY bill and hit the road.

I had done some research on the motorway system so it was straightforward and we were on the freeway south. It was long. It was very long. But it was ok. We went down all the way to Bunbury and then took the coastal road through Bussleton and then down to Margaret River. This was a great piece of road with bush on both sides of the road and the occasional kangarooo waiting to throw itself under Helga's wheels.

Dick had only had three hours sleep in the last 24 hours so we got a motel room and walked out for a curry. Margaret River was very nice but just a little too touristy for us. Dick also went to sleep quite early - and quite noisily. Fortunately I had brought in my earplugs so I was well equipped. Up early in the morning and off to Albany via Esperance.

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  1. M River to Albany via Esperance. Are you sure you've got that right?