Thursday, July 15, 2010

Day 49: A social grenade?

Greetings all. A gentle day today. We left Marla at around 8.30 and pootled our way south without incident some 270km to Cooper Pedy (the opal capital of the world.) Unfortunately for Shirley and Diana, all the opal shops were shut on a Thursday. What a shame.

We found a cheapo cabin in the caravan park - $40 for a box with a light and two single bunks! It was ok. I had a snooze and did some shopping while Dick went off to do a mine's tour. This place is unbelievable - just mounds of tailings everywhere. It is hideous in a interesting kind of a way. I took some photos and will post them when I find a computer that will let me. Here ....

There was a guy in the cabin next door who was waiting for a replacement radiator for his Land Cruiser. He was an ex-bike-racer who had lost his arm in some bike accident which we didn't really discuss. I was interested in how he was going to fit the new radiator when it arrived. I could however have been more thoughtful about how I asked! I said "Do you think you will need a hand to fit the new radiator?" It was not until some 10 minutes later that I suddently thought - goodness!! I could have phrased that better. According to Frank that is a social grenade!

All good though - went out to a pizza restaurant for dinner and off to bed by 9.30.

A gentle day huh!

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