Monday, July 12, 2010

Day 47: Uluru to Alice

Hi all
We had a great time in Uluru. Walked around the base (10kms) then walked into the Olgas (another 5kms) This was supposed to be a rest day!

We decided to go to Alice via King Canyon and the back road. We knew this included 200kms of dirt road but it was suppposed to be open for 2wd vehicles so we gave it a go. By the time we got to the gravel it was 1pm but we pushed on. Immediately we went into 10kms of road works followed by mud and mudholes. By 6pm we had done 80kms.

Nothing for it but to drive up into the desert a short way and put up the tent. We had a pack of pasta, four broken eggs and just a little water but we made do. A great birthday bash for kennif!

Unfortunately it was a cloudy night so we didnt get to see the stars. But we did see a camel, horses, wild asses and dingos. It was great but we were exhausted.

We slept ok despite the dingo chorus at midnight and then in the morning packed up and slithered off down the grease trap again. Just on noon we got to Hemansburg - an old Lutheran mission station and then on towards Alice. Just a little way along the road we were stopped by a police block. A car had crashed during the night and the road was closed for the major crash investigation team. However we were allowed to take to the desert again and ride a big loop through the sand to the other side of the closed area and back down onto the road.

Then a sealed road blast through to Alice where we have found a bed in a tavern (??) and got the bikes locked away in the booze compound. We are now discussing how we will get to Adelaide. Have to be there by Sunday for a early monday appointment with Mr BMW for servicing. Helga now has 22,500kms on the clock. Not bad when you consider that on the 1st of March she had 800!

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