Saturday, July 17, 2010

Day 51: Getting the news in Adelaide.

We had a good night in Port Augusta. We went to a local community club for a beer and a meal which was ok although not great. Reasonably early to bed and to rise and we were on the road to Adelaide by 7.15am. We pushed it a bit far I think and didn't stop for breakfast until after 9am so we were a bit cold and miserable when we went in to Pimba. Then on the Adelaide, getting there just on noon.

It was a long slow ride in heavy traffic through to Mr BMW and just as we were in sight of the BMW centre, Helga suddenly died - a return to the problem I had been having after Darwin. We parked in a cycle lane on the rhs of the road and waited the obligatory 5 minutes and then fired her up again and went across the interesction to Mr BMW.

The staff at BMW were great. They took Helga away and put her on the computer. Then came back with the sad news. She needs ANOTHER new starter motor (she had a new one in Darwin so wtf?) and a fault in the temperature sensor. This makes the computer think she is overheating so shuts the bike down. The really sad news was that it will take up to 2 weeks for the spare parts to be delivered.

Dick and I made the snap decision to leave the bikes here and come home. We checked out the flights and then got a rental car and headed east for Melbourne. We will (hopefully) fly out of Melbourne tomorrow for EnZud!
Cheers - will pick this up again later.

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