Thursday, July 15, 2010

Day 50: Coober Pedy to Port Augusta.

Up early in the morning because I couldn't find my phone and the alarm was set for 6am. I found it at 6am! :-) We had weetbix and milk on the verandah and were packed up and on the road by 8.15. An uneventful ride south to Port Augusta, encountering more cops in the one day than I think we have seen all trip. Meet a large group of Harley riders when we stopped for lunch at Pimba but they ignored us so we ignored us as well. They seem to be suffering from insufferable superiority complexes. Silly really.

Saw two groups of emu as we rode down. They look so graceful as they walk across the desert - the environment they are made for I guess. I stopped to take photos and they moved unhurriedly off looking back with avian disdain. Just lovely.

Arrived in Port August around 3pm and booked into a faded lady pub in the middle of town. $70 for a box with two beds, a shower and a loo but it will do. Will update this later.

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